University Rank Holders

Name of StudentBatchDegreeRank Position
Havinashini B2013 - 2017UG42
T.Manjula2012 - 2016UG33
D.S.Vijayaraghavan2012 - 2016UG48
J.Vaishnavi2012 - 2016PG49
Shiju M Thomas2014 - 2016PG16
S.Priyadarshini2014 - 2016PG22
A.Subashini2014 - 2016PG25
A.Gold Priya2014 - 2016PG34
Bijo Merlin2014 - 2016UG36
S.Madhumitha2011 - 2015UG15
C.Sangavi2011 - 2015UG34
Iyer Hemalatha2010 - 2014UG42
P.Shwetha2009 - 2013UG3
X.Pasculin Mary2009 - 2013UG35
T.A.Praveen2008 - 2012UG33
S.Deepika2007 - 2011UG39


Alumni Entrepreneurs

Alumni Name Batch Profession
Mr. A. Aravindan2013 - 2017Aravind Nature Products, 101/C South Street, Thandupathu via Udangudi, Tuticorin
Mr. Devputra2013 - 2017DXOCTAGON, KCG-TBI
Mr. V. Vinoth2012 - 2016Founder Photography, Ishub Photography Private Limited, Chennai
Mr. Reuben K Kishore2012 - 2016Director of Photography, DeTale Productions, Chennai
Mr. K. Adithya Vignesh2009 - 2013Founder,Aishwarya Interiors, 30/4, Chakrapani Street Extn, Kodambakkam, Chennai
Mr. V. Deepak2008 - 2012Director, Equad Consultancy Services, No. 1, V.O.C. Street, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Selaiyur, Chennai
Mr. K. Vijayaraghavan2008 - 2012Co-Founder, STIR Head of Procurement, Market and Research
Mr. M. T. Robin De Britto2000 - 2004Partner, Bubona Dairy Farms Pvt. Limited, 4-26-1 Alamara Street, Kilvanakkampadi, Chengam, Tiruvannamalai


Alumni Testimonials

S. Janani, S.E., Capgemini


I am Janani. I completed my B.E. (EEE) in 2013-2017 at KCG College of Technology. I can proudly tell that my department is the best among all. The contribution of HOD and professors in placements, academics and extra curricular activities, brought sunshine to both the students and the department as a whole. The unique feature of our department is unity and respecting the real talents. Apart from these, friendly nature of staffs in class and labs, made us learn both values and academics in right way. Thank you KCG and EEE for making my career respectable by others !

Naveen Kumar A.N, S.E, HCL


I’am blessed to be a part of KCG College of Technology. I completed my B.E. (EEE) in 2010-2014 batch. The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the best department of our college. The faculty members and the management are very helpful in building up my career. I’am happy and blessed to have such wonderful people as our mentors.  


R. Ramya, P.G. Scholar, KCG

Hi all. I’am Ramya. I completed my B.E. (EEE) in 2013-2017 at KCG College of Technology. We had a well equipped library and laboratories which helped to understand the concepts with ease and to upgrade our knowledge. The professors motivated us in gaining practical knowledge and also trained the students to to think creatively. It was a wonderful journey with KCG and I’am still continuing it!!!.



Swetha Ponnuswamy, S.E., Accenture


I completed my B.E. (EEE) in 2008-2013 at KCG College of Technology. KCG is not just a word its an EMOTION. I must definitely start with saying “THANK YOU” for what I’am, four years of engineering course would have not been possible without our faculty members. They made the engineering very easy for us. They mentored all of us in the best way possible by providing us with ocean of opportunities to indulge in other areas like Entrepreneurship, Internships, Paper presentations, Mini Projects etc. I personally believe that the placement training provided by our department are worth attending and helpful. I’am proud that our beloved KCG Varghese’s motto ‘To make every man a success and no man a failure’ came true in our batch and I pray to the Almighty that it continues.